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Book Editing Services In UK That Make Your Story More Effective

BritishBookDesign.Co.UK is a one-of-a-kind book editing and proofreading company that works with British authors to realise their literary dreams. Our professional book proofreading services can help you retain your readers' attention and keep them hooked. Publishing a non-edited draft can affect your sales and damage your reputation as a writer.

We have some of the finest book proofreaders who try their level best to preserve your hard work and give your draft the boost it needs. You can avail our manuscript proofreading and give your book the finishing touch it needs. When you publish an unblemished story, no one can stop it from becoming a bestselling blockbuster and a chart-topper.

Make My Story Effective
British Book Design UK

Let Your Story Grab All The Attention With UK’s #1 Book Editing Services

Sometimes even the tiniest mistakes can put off your reader. We ensure that you publish the most flawless version of your book. Our editing assistance with eBook design and publishing services can make your story the next big hit.


There are no ordinary book proofreaders in our team. We have lexical maestros with great command of language who can make your manuscript look more polished and sophisticated.


We have a knowledgeable team of skilful editors who can scan your lengthy documents multiple times and rectify every blunder quickly. The pace of our proofreading team is impeccable.


Along with the finalised and edited copy, we also deliver a draft that contains all the changes and detailed feedback. We want authors to learn from their mistakes and improve their writing.

Book Editors In UK Who Will Never Leave Holes In Your Pocket

Are you tired of searching for cheap book editors near me? It is time to end this hassle. BritishBookDesign.Co.UK is the ultimate hub of top-quality proofreading for book publishing that is available at extremely reasonable pricing.

  • Complete Editing, Proofreading & Checking of Manuscript.
  • Inconsistent paragraph spacing and indentation.
  • Grammar and sentence structure check.
  • Reducing repetition/redundancy and wordiness.
  • Improving audience appropriateness in the manuscript.
  • Up to 50 to 80 pages Maximum.
  • 6 days estimated delivery time. (Can vary based on the feedback & revisions).

  • Complete Editing, Proofreading & Checking of Manuscript.
  • Inconsistent paragraph spacing and indentation check.
  • Grammar and sentence structure check.
  • Reducing repetition/redundancy and wordiness.
  • Improving audience appropriateness in the manuscript.
  • Up to 80 to 200 pages Maximum.
  • 8 days estimated delivery time. (Can vary based on the feedback & revisions).

  • Complete Editing, Proofreading & Checking of Manuscript.
  • Inconsistent paragraph spacing and indentation check.
  • Grammar and sentence structure check.
  • Reducing repetition/redundancy and wordiness.
  • Improving audience appropriateness in the manuscript.
  • Up to 200 to 350 pages Maximum.
  • 10 days estimated delivery time. (Can vary based on the feedback & revisions).

Hire British Book Proofreaders For Any Genre

There are several book proofreading companies in UK, but what makes us different from others is our diversified range of services. We know that every genre has a unique tone and style, and it takes a professional to get that detailing right. Whether you are working on an autobiography, fiction novel, short story, user manual, or children's book, our proofreaders will always bring out the best in your work to make it a smash hit.

We use advanced tools and software for manuscript proofreading and book editing services in UK. It helps our observant copyreaders to hunt down every single mistake and give you an immaculate piece of writing that is ready to rule the world of literature. London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Ireland, Belfast, Wales, and Scotland are those few places in Britain from where we receive most of our orders.

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British Book Design UK
British Book Design UK

Book Editors In UK Who Polish Your Work In 3 Simple Steps

We like to keep things simple for our clients. You can hire a book editor online from our website and get a perfectly honed draft in three simple steps.


Contact our editing pros to discuss your requirements and share the files you want us to proofread.


A relevant expert in your genre will be assigned to edit your draft, who will remove all the errors.


Another team of editors will double-check all the files and finalise them to complete the delivery.

British Book Proofreaders Who Can Enhance Your Draft's Excellence

BritishBookDesign.Co.UK is a renowned British brand that is trusted by a large number of authors in England and beyond. You spend so many sleepless nights trying to complete your manuscript, but a single mistake can make all your hard work go in vain. We can help you avoid that situation with our book proofreading services.

Our professional book editors do not show any mercy and eradicate all the errors from your content like a butcher precisely cleans all the fat from the meat. You can hire these competent and seasoned proofreaders to get a refined version of your book and clear the most important hurdle of your authorship journey.

A hawk-eyed team of book proofreaders ready to make your manuscript a roaring success!

We Catch The Tiniest Of Errors!
British Book Design UK

Book Proofreading Services In UK That Promise 100% Accuracy

You will have to spend a lot of money to publish, promote, and market your story. But what if you are spending all your savings on a flawed manuscript? Going for publishing without proofreading is like setting up a time ticking bomb of failure that will explode at any time and shatter all your authorship dreams.

We offer manuscript proofreading and book copy editing services in UK that will save your Titanic from sinking. Avoid rejection letters from publishers and negative reviews from readers by getting help from our expert editors and proofreaders. We even offer book formatting services to ensure that your story enjoys record-breaking sales.

Book proofreading services that give zealous authors a chance to relax and take a breather!

Slip-Ups Can’t Go Past Our Vigilant Eyes!
British Book Design UK
Reviews from British authors who acquired our book editing services
Stephanie Carter, Author of 'The Falling Tomb Of Saint'

"As a professional author, I would like to confess one thing before moving ahead. Sometimes editing a draft becomes more difficult and time-consuming than writing a book itself. Thankfully, I have these book proofreaders by my side who take all the editing responsibilities off my shoulders.

I used to look for book editing services near me, but not anymore. This website has become my go-to place. I must say they always do a commendable job, as most of my drafts need a lot of refinement. They had turned my flawed manuscripts into flawless books every single time when I hired them."

British Book Design UK
Jason Troy, Author of 'A Devil Grown Up In Heaven'

"I wanted help in proofreading for book publishing as all of my energy was invested in completing the book. I was unable to edit my drafts like an editor. I am so glad that someone recommended these professional book proofreaders to me. They were extremely helpful and reduced most of my burden.

It feels so good to have such a team of vigilant and attentive individuals polishing your work. I was not worried about my publication even for a second after I hired them to make my book error-free. They even corrected my manuscript's flow, format, and fluency, making it more impactful."

British Book Design UK
Paul Victor, Author of 'The Peaceful Battleground'

"I first thought that they were only children's book proofreaders because my first order with them was for a kid's book. My second order was for my mystery novel, and I was literally shocked to see how meticulously they edited the draft. You can hire them to edit manuscript of almost every genre.

They have gained a lifelong loyal customer, as I am thoroughly impressed by their work. I can proudly vouch for their services as I know they would never let their customer down. The best part is that they are extremely quick in editing and can turn your draft flawless in no time."

British Book Design UK
Mitchelle Hopkins, Author of 'The Nightmare After A Daydream'

"I used to skim and scan my drafts by myself to save money, but I learned the lesson the hard way when one of my books turned out to be a big failure. I had to get some book editors in the UK on board for manuscript proofreading, and BritishBookDesign.Co.UK was the cheapest service provider I found.

They offered me the most economical book copy editing services, which made me and my budget happy. I would like to recommend these professionals to every author in UK who is looking for an affordable book editor near me. You just need to acquire their book proofreading services."

British Book Design UK
British Book Design UK

Let's Start Editing Your Next Bestseller!

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Answering FAQs About Our Book Editing Services In UK

At a certain point in time, every author is forced to browse online and find a book editor near me. It is possible that your eyes might miss those mistakes which only an editor can identify. You will need our professional set of eyes to evaluate and scrutinise the draft deeply, as some errors will stay hidden when you are proofreading your own work.

When you are finding book editing services near me, your primary motive is to hire a service provider that is reliable and trustworthy. BookCoverDesign.uk gives you complete assurance that we will transform your draft into a manuscript that will be the epitome of perfection and excellence. We deliver what we promise and guarantee customer satisfaction.

We have the most experienced team of online book editors who have been in this industry for a very long time. From children's book proofreaders to fantasy novel editors, we have dedicated specialists for every genre. You trust these sharp-sighted professionals with your write-ups, as not even a single punctuation mistake can slip from their eyes.

There is no fixed time that we can state for book proofreading and editing. It all depends on how lengthy your book is and what type of services you need. One thing that we promise all our customers is we will complete the proofreading within their given timeframe. Our book proofreaders always stay one step ahead of the client's deadline.

Our customers call us the most affordable book editors in UK because we try our level best to deliver extraordinary services at a price that stays within their desired budget. The only reason behind our cost-effective pricing plans is that we care for our customers and want to make their authorship journey smoother. However, the final price can fluctuate as per your requirements.

If you hire those random freelancers, your book might be at risk of being leaked. We are professional book proofreaders who take their job seriously and serve the customers with complete honesty. We promise you a highly confidential, safe, and secure proofreading experience and will maintain the privacy of your personal information and project details.

Improve the quality of your write-up with our book proofreading services!