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Fantasy Book Cover Makers: Leave Impressions on Mind

BritishBookDesign.Co.UK perfects the last mile of your writing journey by designing a brutally creative fantasy book cover illustration for your books. Through the exceptional fantasy novel covers, we just don't leave impressions on paper but also on the mind! With the contribution of our book cover artists, we merge the right colours with flawless images and typography to make the design work.

The aesthetics of your book cover will express your masterpiece's main tone, feeling, and theme. Along with that, it draws the attention of the target reader, so they can't resist getting their mitts on your story. Open up about the storyline, the turning points and the characters – we'll turn the brief into an irresistible outer cover.

Impress My Target Audience
British Book Design UK

3 Factors That Make Our Fantasy Book Cover Artists The Best Choice

Our book cover design service is among the rare services that’s hired more than twice by 80% of the customers. That's no less than an achievement for us. Following are the factors that make us the best choice in London, UK:


The creative element in every fantasy book's outer cover spill uncontrolled creativity. Your book's genre and storyline are partially revealed through the design, so it evokes curiosity to buy your written masterpiece.


Despite producing exceptional quality cover art for your fantasy book, we charge economical prices, so you don't have to worry about that! We assure market competitive rates without compromising on the standards.


What's the point of charging a customer if they aren't jumping out of excitement when they see their artwork? We consider ourselves accountable for customer satisfaction. 100% client happiness is guaranteed by us.

UK's Budget-Friendly Fantasy Book Cover Designing Packages

Need a professional but affordable fantasy book cover designer in UK? We are pretty sure our low pricing will stop you on your track! By the way, we won't mind customizing a package as per your needs.

  • High Quality Book / Ebook Cover Design for Fantasy Genre.
  • Paperback Book Cover along with front, back & spine.
  • Professional 3D Render of the Book Design.
  • 1 Design Variation for all the services will be shared by professional designer.
  • All source files and formats will be provided.
  • FREE HD Stock images along with professional fonts.
  • 4 days estimated delivery time. (Can be vary based on the feedback & revisions).

  • High Quality Book / Ebook Cover Design + Audio Book Cover.
  • Paperback Book Cover along with front, back & spine.
  • Professional 3D Render of the Book Design.
  • 3 Design Variation for all the services will be shared by professional designers.
  • All source files and formats will be provided
  • FREE HD Stock images along with professional fonts.
  • 3 days estimated delivery time. (Can be vary based on the feedback & revisions).

  • High Quality Book / Ebook Cover Design + Audio Book Cover.
  • Paperback Book Cover along with front, back & spine with FREE Dust jacket cover.
  • Professional 3D Render of the Book Design.
  • 5 Design Variation for all the services will be shared by genre specified professional designers.
  • All source files and formats will be provided.
  • FREE HD Stock images along with professional fonts.
  • 48 hours estimated delivery time. (Can vary based on the feedback & revisions).
  • Print & Publishing Ready Files will be shared with customer.

Fantasy Book Cover Art In UK: Give Your Book An Edge

Fantasy novels have the potency to transport readers into a magical world that is full of imaginary creatures, splendid myths and supernatural events. Such novels require a sensational outer cover that makes one sink into the design completely. Here's when the need for our fantasy book cover makers comes into existence.

Our fantasy novel cover makers hold the supremacy of submerging customers' concepts with their unique creative ideas to churn out something that can easily rank the shelves. That's the reason our customers experience an unexampled spike in their sales after they trust book cover designers here.

Give an Edge
British Book Design UK
British Book Design UK

Your Fresh-Catch And Exclusive Book Cover For Fantasy Novel Is 3 Steps Apart


Share your story, and tell us what type of cover for the book you expect us to design. We'll get to work instantly.


The book cover artists buckle down to work and use your brief to design an outer cover bound to exceed expectations.


Receive your artwork and thrive in your literature industry. However, if you want to fix a few things in the design, we'd do that for free.

British Book Design UK
British Book Design UK

Testimonials that represents our expertise in fantasy book covers

Grayson Hull, Author Of “Dragon King”

Their designer's work has inspired me a lot! I was very short on ideas, but they recommended me 2 concepts, and honestly, both of them were so creative that picking one of them was a very hard decision. However, I chose design B, and their creative designers executed it perfectly. I just loved how they worked.

A truly professional company in terms of customer service and design standards as well! They ensured that I was satisfied with the results. Besides, I find them very affordable as well. The colour combo was ideal, and it allowed the audience to peek through what was inside.

I must say, this is a very incredible service.

British Book Design UK
Alice Colten, Author Of “The White Raven”

Since I have been writing for years and years, coming up with a unique concept for a book cover for fantasy novels is usually difficult for me. However, they helped me a lot with this process. The brainstorming session was really fun. The finalizing phase was very quick and professional. I would definitely recommend them to other people.

After the design was finalized, I wanted minor changes, and they did them for free. I mean, no additional cost for the revision (thou, after finalizing the revisions isn't applicable). I am very satisfied with the service.

I urge all authors to try out their services at least once! You guys will love working with them.

British Book Design UK
Sadie Weston, Author Of “Call of the Sirens”

Working with them is always a wholesome experience because they never fail to surpass my expectations. Working with this book cover maker is like telling them about my requirements and reclining back on the chair. The whole process is done by them! I just received the delivery and will share my feedback.

Also, once I wanted them to make some changes in the design, which they catered to me without any additional fee. Thou I was ready to pay as they were my mistake. Hence, it is always a pleasing experience to work with them!

We really need more such designers of covers for fantasy novels in UK!

British Book Design UK
Summer Ember, Author Of “Soul Weaver” Alas!

What a wonderful cover for a fantasy novel!!!! I swear you people have done justice to my unique concept. No other designer of fantasy novel cover could understand what I wanted. But your artists did a great job. They understood my brief completely and delivered exactly what I was looking for. It was surely a great experience.

I must also mention the customer support guy who was there with me the whole time. Since my deadline was tough, I was very impatient and raised a query every 3 to 4 hours. But the person was never annoyed and helped me so much with the process.

Hats off to your CSR team – a must hire service in UK.

British Book Design UK
British Book Design UK

Get your Desired Fanatasy Book Cover!

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Your Doubts Have Been Resolved In Advance

From steampunk to sci-fi and everything else, our agency offers outer cover designing services for every fantasy sub-genre. Customers come to us with various requirements, and we deal with them easily. Even if it is something apart from fantasy, our expert artists can tackle that as well.

The basic requirement to get the order placed is your story brief, plot and characters. We encourage customers to come up with a concept for the artwork. However, if they fail to do so, our designers recommend the designs and get them approved by the customer to carry on with the process.

Yes! Our novel outer-cover service is highly affordable. That's because we offer several packages that are divided by various perks. For example, if you only wish to pay for one concept, you won't be charged for other perks. This makes us a highly affordable novel jacket designer in London, UK.

Definitely! You will own the copyright of the design, and we will have no rights over it. Once you have paid for the service, the outcomes belong to you completely. Just share your concept, and the exclusively designed novel jacket will belong to you solely. That's the best part of our service.

Designing perfect novel covers is the core of our company. We assure perfection in our designs by sharing a rough draft with the customer. Once they approve it, only then is it finalized and filled with colours. However, if the end results require some basic changes, our company doesn't mind doing it.

It approximately takes 5 working days (subjective to complexity of your design). However, sometimes customers who are in hurry requires their artwork within 3 days or less. We do cater to urgent designing requirements, for a little extra fee. If that’s the case with you, we can help you with that as well.

Send your brief to us – and let’s design book cover for your fantasy novel